Do you guys have a favourite guitar type?

Ids Schiere

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Nov 11, 2019
I always say that I kinda want a whole range of different strats(Fenders, Silver Sky, Schecter doesn’t matter which brand as long as it is a strat(some superstrats also count)) because it’s my favourite guitar tonewise, playability and versatility. So, I’m wondering whether you have a favourite guitar type like this?

Ed Seith

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    For DECADES it was the Ibanez super-strat – the RG and the R, my oldest friends and conspirators. I first started looking for better when I got my Les Paul in 2009. That wasn’t it. I’ve found it, at least for now, in the PRS Custom 24.
    Thinner than a strat, Ibanez RG or LP and therefore lighter. The carve is fantastic. The balance is amazing. The neck carve (at the time) was the very best I’d ever seen (now that goes to the Ormsby, but the PRS is still amazing). I might also prefer a Floyd to the PRS trem bridge, but it’s still quite good. Tonally, I can cover everything I want and a few things I never thought of. The 25″ scale neck is longer than the Les Paul’s 24.75, so access on the high frets is not as cramped, but shorter than the Ibanez/Strat 25.5, so I can do a 1-3-5 stretch on the low E much easier.
    Still chasing perfection for me, but the PRS is 98% and while it’s far and away the most I’ve ever paid for a guitar, it was worth every single nickel.

    Gabriel Corso

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    Nov 11, 2019
    I love semi hollow guitars.
    The Gibson ES335 is a dream that might never happen to me. But I sure am fascinated by its sound and beauty.
    But not only semi hollow guitars have my heart.
    Telecaster is the one for me. For every day, occasion and sound.
    I mean, it is very versatile. And the sound it is beautiful in every way.
    I like it so much that I have acquired one and have been in love since.
    I don’t understand that much about neck sizes, shapes. But I can tell you that I prefer thinner neck guitars, don’t know why, just prefer.

    Ezequiel Romanko

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    Nov 11, 2019
    i love the schecter guitars but especially the c-1 fr but i would love to add a sustainiac on it, its my dream haha, and also a les paul with floyd rose but its pretty hard for the fact of the bridge and fretboard heights :(. these are my favorite guitars lp and c-1 fr
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    Calvin Phillips

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    Nov 11, 2019
    Hard to say. I think people tend to stick to the brands they begin with. I was a schecter guy for years. So I decided to try a different guitar last year and bought a gretsch. The semi solo sound is amazing. I think schecter has them too and they are blooming but I figured why not. It sounds amazing honestly. It’s my standard tuning guitar. Or any tune as no floyd rose. This has made me want to buy a fender next. I’m thinking maybe contrell custom since theres no real mick mars one. That I know of.
    I’d say stick with what you know for now if you’re thinking of changing brands. I feel you shouldnt look elsewhere until you feel you cant achieve any new sounds from what you got. Theres so much you can do with what you have. I’ve made purchases and realized it was a waste of money when I found easier ways to achieve the same sound.