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Floyd Rose Questions

William B.

Hot Topic Tourer
  • Nov 11, 2019
    These are some things I was thinking about.

    Has anyone broken a Floyd Rose or the Bar during use?

    How did it happen?

    How durable are they?

    What part(s) broke?

    If something broke would the entire Floyd Rose need to be replaced?

    Could I fit one into a Stratocaster model?

    Would you recommend a new or used Floyd Rose?

    Maybe you got a story behind breaking the Floyd Rose?

    Lastly, are they difficult to mount?


    Ed Seith

    Supreme Galactic Overlord
    Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    I have two Floyd Rose equipped Ibanez that are both over 30 years old, and I bought them new. I have abused the Floyds VIOLENTLY on stage. They have never broken, though I have had to replace some of the saddles because I tightened screws too tight and stripped the threading.

    There are many places to buy parts for almost all Floyd Rose and FR-licensed (like Ibanez) bridges.

    To install on any guitar that wasn't built for it from the factory usually requires extensive, precision routing of the wood and often filling the old bridge posts and drilling holes for the new ones. It would not be advisable to try to do this on one's own - take if to a GOOD shop to do the work. It will not be cheap. You are better off keeping the existing guitar as-is and buying another guitar with a FR.

    Once setup, they work wonderfully, and have the same problems as any other floating bridge (i.e., if you break a string, all the others go out of tune, etc).
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