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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Nov 19, 2020
Wisconsin, USA

Who are the community leaders?​

@Syn Gates
@Brian Haner Sr.
@Radu-Cristian Perde
@Alicia Willis
@Ed Seith
@Millie Imber
@Mike Creuzer

What do community leaders do?​

Community leaders are responsible for keeping the community clean, healthy and vibing. They have the ability to enforce these guidelines, close/delete threads, give out warnings or bans, and many other behind the scenes actions.

How do I upload videos to the Media section?

Show us what you’re working on, we love to see it! When you add a riff, we have you share your videos in our media section embedded from another video platform of your choice. This means you will have to upload your videos to that video platform first, but make sure your videos are set to either public or unlisted, not private, or it won't work. Once it's published on the video platform, navigate back here to Media tab > Select add media > Select media album > Select embed media > Paste in the URL from your preferred video sharing platform then fill out the title and description and hit save!

YouTube example:

How do I change my default feed?​

The "set default" button in the community feed disappears after you select it the first time. To change your default feed, navigate to your account then preferences. There is a dropdown menu next to "default feed". Don't forget to click "save"!

What is a signature and how do I change mine?​

Signatures are generally messages or text that appear below every post that you create. In order to have a signature below your posts, you must be either a Supporter or a Legend of the Synner community. Upgrade your membership here. You can do whatever you want with your signature including displaying links as long as they don't embed expanded media like a full video.

What do the user titles mean?​

User titles give members additional status within the community and are used to identify groups they belong to. For example, a Legend will have a Legend user title.

How do I earn achievements?​

You can earn achievements by completing the tasks associated with each individual achievement. Achievement criteria can be found here. Nice work. Keep rockin'.

How do I change my username?​

Your account > Account details > Username > Change
You can only change your username once a month so if you just registered, you will have to wait a month to change it. We will ask you to change your username if it causes confusion in the community like OfficialSynGates or ImBrianGates. You get the idea.

Can't view the lesson videos?​

It's likely due to the services we use, such as Vimeo. Syn is not blocking any countries, of course, but some resources we use change their policies all the time. If you have issues, message the community leaders with specific information on this, but a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is likely the best solution such as NordVPN.
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