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From a Skull bat, to a Heritic in Blood.. Life is But a Dream.


New Student
Jun 23, 2023
Hello everyone, die hard fan since City Also been playing guitar for about that long.. I am absolutely baffled it took me this many Years to realize, Syn and Pops have there own site/class. Anyway. Glad to be here. Syns been my favorite Guitarist ever since I heard his Solo on "Bat Country". City of Evil immediately became my favorite album. After that was Nightmare. It also came out at the perfect time for me to really feel it. (listened to "Buried Alive" for 2 hrs. straight when my Father was Passing Away) I have had a ton of bad stuff happen in my life and some how they have always had a song to help me through.. Between Matts Powerful Vocals and Syns masterful Playing, I have always had a song for a moment. Just glad to share it with other fans alike.