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Having Trouble Setting Up FX Chains In Reaper


Stairway to Heaven Tab Studier
Aug 12, 2022
Hey everyone! I'm getting a lot better with using Reaper but the biggest problem I'm having is setting up FX chains with amp simulators and stuff. A few of the problems I'm having are....

1. The sound randomly cuts out. If I do a vibrato or a bend, randomly it's like the signal cuts out and it cuts the sound. So it sounds like I'm doing a sustained vibrato and it just stops. It's not my cable because it works just fine through my amp.
2. I hear two different tones in my headphones. I literally hear a clean guitar tone (like the sound you have when the record button isn't armed and it just sounds like a bad clean tone) along with the amp simulator tone. I hear them both at the same time.

I have searched all over the internet to no avail.

Setting up FX chains has been the bane of my guitar recording because nothing sounds good. Like, at all. I get a great tone straight into my amp, which is why I'm buying an amp mic on my next paycheck.
It seems like every Youtube video/Guitar Reaper tutorial tells me to set up the chain differently. But here is where I'm standing at currently...

VST3 Ignite Emissary
VST3 Ignite Nadir
JS Distortion
JS Reaverbate

Any help would be much appreciated. I have spent at least 200 hours trying to figure out how to dial in a decent tone and everything sounds like shit. Thanks guys and gals!
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