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Hellwin Amp

Synner Endless Summer Collection

Ids Schiere

Sold-out Crowd Surfer
Nov 11, 2019
As far as I know(would be cool if Syn chimed in on this) he uses a Hellwin amp for his distortion and a fractal fx for most of the effects(delay etc.) I think he also had a whammy pedal and a wah(am not entirely sure about the wah)

Ed Seith

Supreme Galactic Overlord
Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    I remember the amp was launched timed with the release of Hail to the King, at least somewhat. Unfortunately for Schecter (and probably Syn), a picture surfaced around that time of the AxeFX in his rig, and there was a lot of speculation that the Fractal was his tone and not the Hellwin. He defended it, but for a lot of people, it was no coincidence.
    I have to admit, a lot of his lead tones have sounded, to me, like they were recorded direct. Not a BAD thing, just something I noticed.
    Personally, I *wish* his tone was all Fractal, and he’d share his presets with me for mine :).
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    Tory Capman

    One Stringer
    Nov 11, 2019
    The Hellwin amp seemed like it was quite an amazing amp. But if the same tone is achieved through Fractal, I might rather have that. I love the tones Syn uses and would like to have a setup that could achieve similar tones as well as provide an abundance of other options. I currently have a Spider V amp which is great and has some good presets… But I just feel like I could have something better sounding. And the world of tube amps with 20 pedals just is becoming more obselete.

    Jake Young

    Free Bird Player
    Nov 11, 2019
    I agree! In one of the comments he says “I’m not sure if I can share the preset I’m afraid. I can ask them about it though” I guess he never asked? Lol you could always try to do a tone match of the soundcloud clip and do a little tweaking? Probably get you really close!
    Synner Endless Summer Collection

    Syn Gates

    Staff member
    Sep 18, 2019
    I’ve always used my Hellwin amp and random guitar pedals in the studio but in live settings, I use the axe fx in the fx loop of my Hellwin. All basic clean and distorted tones in the studio or on stage have been my Hellwin.
    Having said that, I hear that the axe fx 3 can match any tone flawlessly and more importantly, you can build your own tone from scratch that is completely unique and of supreme fidelity.
    As a futurist, I am going to be working on developing a preset with them that I hope to be even better than the Hellwin. If that happens, I will be moving to axe fx for my primary tone so hold off on the Hellwin for now, there may be a new sheriff in town.
    Rest assured tho, I have always been and believe in being 100% transparent with everyone. I would never distort or even bend the truth to make a buck or rip off anyone. I also believe in disruptive technologies, and during periods of change many people, understandably so, disagree with or are saddened by the closing of an era. To me it’s bitter sweet, but if we have access to an infinite amount of top quality sounds in one unit, the choice to move on or at least include imho, is very very clear.

    Jak Angelescu

    I think it’s great to study the sounds and tones of your idols to get a start, but I personally believe it’s best to invest that time into discovering your own tone. So many people buy signature series of everything and while it’s fun to have, your own signature style and tone is best in my opinion. I absolutely ADORE Syn’s sound for Avenged Sevenfold. But when I played my own music on his rig during a VIP thing, it sounded “off”. My songs didn’t transfer well at all 😋 I will have to say though, his signature SG Schecter acoustic is absolutely hands down my favorite acoustic I’ve ever played on. I’ve played on hundreds of models and brands and nothing rings as clear with the warmth as what his does.
    Synner Endless Summer Collection