Heretic is the most Megadeth A7X song, fight me


Free Bird Player
Nov 25, 2019
St Louis, MO
I'm not familiar enough with megadeth to answer but I'll fight you anyway👊👊
I wouldn't bet against you. So Marty and Syn are definitely the 2 guitarists I listen to the most and it's funny how Heretic ends up being my favorite song on that album. I remember it being so when I first heard the album and then upon attentively listening again multiple times in recent days it is still my favorite song on the album. I thought it sounded like an A7X/Megadeth mashing of styles. Then I listened to a few reviews of it on YouTube tonight including one by CoverKillerNation who does tons of metal reviews. And the reviewers were saying "this sounds like a Megadeth song". So I suppose it's not just my ears.
Synner Endless Summer Collection
Synner Endless Summer Collection