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How to get avenged sevenfolds tone?


New Student
Apr 16, 2020
I’m using the amp matching feature in Bias Amp to replicate Synyster’s Bogner. The results are pretty much insane. I’ll upload soon some A7x riffs and also some tips and tricks. 😉
Some solos I’ve recorded with Bias Amp

Is there any chance you can share your bias amp 2 preset for A7X or Bias FX/FX 2 preset?
I could not find an isolated track so I could use Bias Amp 2 matching feature to create some good A7X amps...
Which amps from Bias Amp 2 are best to start with getting right tone?

John Robinson

Music Theory Bragger
Nov 11, 2019
Nashville tn.
As many other players will tell, it depends on the guitar, amp, effects etc. I’m using the EHX-Metal Muff and Silencer through a Crate 120w head and Peavey Cab with the EQ on the Metall Muff all flat except the Distortion that is at about 7. The Amp EQ is: Gain-7 Bass-2 Midds-5 Treble-10 with a bit of Reverb & Delay. For the older metalcore stuff just crank up the Treble. I’m using a Cort EVL-4 and Ibanez DR170 and I’m getting pretty close to it. Just play around, use your ears and have fun 🙂
My wife just got me a small crate practice amp yesterday..only gave 10.00..man that thing gets loud😂😂
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