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Guitar If you could give just 1 pro tip regarding guitar/practicing, what would it be?

Chris Johnston

Music Theory Bragger
  • Nov 11, 2019
    North Ayrshire, Scotland
    Don't Expect too much too quickly 👌

    (I'm completely ripping off Tomo Fujita's advice here but it's so true)

    Many players fall into this trap of expecting quick results and get frustrated/judge themselves in their progress.

    I pick this one in particular as a lot of players on here tend to judge themselves on their speed or technical ability, when they may have only been playing for a few years - The Guitar gives absolutely NOTHING up easily, especially not flawless technical ability - it's all about positive and gradual progress, keeping patient and consistent and celebrating the small wins 😊
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    Jun 20, 2021
    get a guitar that looks cool so you’ll want to play it. fuck any organised practice in the beginning and go to ultimate guitar and play along to slayer riffs on spotify instead. is it gonna sound like shit? yes absolutely but you’re playing fucking slayer hello??

    when you’re first picking up guitar it’s probably because you wanna play something specific. for me it was the fucking bat country riff. you know with the tritone and the cool bluesy lil lick. i played it at half tempo and i hit just about every string until i figured it out. now that i’ve absolutely destroyed bat country and a few other good riffs i’m actually starting to think about what i do, but by playing the shit i love i’ve managed to build some basic dexterity and hand strength and i’ve figured the palm muting thing (thanks unholy confessions). am i a well rounded player? fuck no but hammer-ons and pull-offs aren’t running away from me when i feel ready to start building that strengh, and neither is the caged system.

    tldr; get a cool guitar, have fun, the fundamentals are not running away so you can get to them when you’re done fucking around in drop f sharp
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