Just want an advice

Which one is good for begining?

  • Reaper 6 fr

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  • Demon 6 fr

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  • C 6 fr deluxe

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  • C 6 pro fr

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Local Dive Bar Favorite
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Brisbane, Australia
    When you are just starting. Really the one that fits your budget, you like the look of best (basically something that makes you want to pick it up and play) and what feels nicest on your hands (if possible definately try to see what they feel like I'm your hands, you might find the differences were notable and three one that's most comfortable may not be the most expensive).

    All four of those guitars are and will be good coz they are not down in the cheap and nasty range. With any new guitar, I would recommend getting it "set up", that will make it feel nicer and more comfortable to play.

    Remember, get something comfy that you want to pick up and play coz otherwise it'll sit in the corner gathering dust.

    Calvin Phillips

    Music Theory Bragger
    Nov 11, 2019
    One that you won't spend thousands on.. get a starter one first man. I.know how rewarding it id to own an expensive.one but you'll beat it up and by the time youre good enough to really own one like that it won't be in good shape... depending on how aggressive you are.

    Then again having a guitar that looks amazing is motivating too.