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Muz Malek

Sold-out Crowd Surfer
Nov 11, 2019
In response to Queen Jak's thread, I wish to share with you guys one interview session where @Syn Gates , ZV & JC talked about their experiences as stringers and overcoming difficulties picking up certain techniques, like how ZV had to learn the alternate-picking stuff & fast shreddy stuff from Syn, while Syn had to learn the aggressive, down-picking, rhythmic stuff from ZV, how they both adapted each other's strengths despite the different styles and turned it into versatility which enriches their tonal capabilities, and how Johnny needs to grow taller, etc.,

There are older interviews from as early as the CoE days that they talk about the same thing - which only goes to show how consistently motivated they've been as guitarists since then till now :)

You may choose to watch the entire interview from the start, or skip straight to the Technique talks at around the 16:50 mark ;)

Cheers! :rock-hand: