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Lead Guitar


Local Dive Bar Favorite
Apr 16, 2022
I’ve been trying to practice my lead guitar skills so I go on a backing track to do that and… I have no idea what to do. I’m even questioning what lead guitar is. I look up on the internet for help and I couldn’t find my answer but maybe I did, I have no idea. Is lead guitar just soloing over the rhythm because that is what all the sources on the internet were saying. What is lead guitar?


New Student
Jun 18, 2020
lead guitar is basicly a vessel of the whatever feeling the song needs to implement on the listeners without using words. About not knowing what to do instead of noodling around you can listen to the chords behind and target their 3rd and build your passages around them while building tension and releasing it with a climax and before even doing that try to understand what the track or song is trying to tell you like is it agressive , sad or just happy about something, than try to come up with melodies that can reflect those feelings. if you have basic understanding about atleast natural minor/major scales/pentatonics i can recommend Brian Kelly on youtube he teaches solo guitar through theory and he is the greatest i ve ever seen about teaching something
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