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Advanced Little modal idea I just had

Advanced Theory

Ids Schiere

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Nov 11, 2019
So basically you know how you can find chord within chords.

For example if you take an Am6 you also can use that chord as D7, D9 and F#m7b5 which also means you can use the same scales over them to increase your options

For example
Am6: A harmonic minor, A melodic minor, A blues scale
D7/D9: D phrygian dominant, D
dominant diminished(D# diminished), D double harmonic major, D mixolydian b6
F#m7b5: F# Locrian, F# locrian #2

Now if you can use all of these over the Am6 but you will have to name them a little differently
D Phrygian Dominant-A Locrian 6
D dominant diminished - A diminished(symmetry and such)
D double harmonic major - A oriental(but you're probably better off using A hungarian minor instead which is the 4th mode of E double harmonic major)
D mixolydian b6 - A Dorian b2
F# Locrian - A Dorian
F# Locrian #2 - A Dorian b2

Obviously which ones you use is up to what sounds good to your ear but this is essentially how you can use the modes of any scale but a little bit deeper(think substitutions and such).

I know you can also use D super Locrian over the D7 but that's the one I can't really nicely place over the Am6 since there isn't really an A in that scale so it won't have a mode for A(could be that you just say you used D super Locrian over Am6 but that's a little weird since it has a major third in it while Am6 is a minor chord)
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