My exciting news


Campfire Attention Holder
  • Sep 27, 2020
    Michigan City, IN
    Hello everyone! Long time no talk 😁 Unfortunately I haven't been on the Forums in a while now mainly because I was in search of members for a band and setting up practices but after the first month of my long search I got some exciting news...I'm going to be a Dad! 🤯🥳😊 My wife is now 3 months along now and after waiting for so long we finally found out that we're having a Boy! 💙💙💙 I've been pretty busy trying to work extra hours to save money and setting up Doctors appointments and other fun stuff with my wife that I haven't been able to get on and play anything lately. My practice hasn't slowed down though I'll have videos coming soon. I just wanted to take the time I have to say hello and share the news 😁 have a good day everyone!
    Synner Endless Summer Collection
    Synner Endless Summer Collection
    Synner Endless Summer Collection