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My guitars and taking suggestions for upgrades!


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May 14, 2021
So these are my babies 😁

I'm quite happy with my partcaster at the moment. It features a Fender Modern C maple neck with classic fender tuners and Fender Noiseless Pickups with Mid Boost on one of the knobs (kind of what Eric Clapton had on his strat), Plays like a dream and sounds great! Nothing comes to mind for upgrades apart from maybe a Graphtec Bridge and string trees. Set up in Standard E obviously.

My crown jewel is the PRS SE Mikael Akerfeldt Signature ❤️ (I'm absolute fan of Opeth and their songwriting). It is completely stock as I never even dared upgrading anything but I have considered getting the pickups they use (SD Screamin Demon or Full Shred in the bridge and Jazz in the neck) and maybe upgrading the electronics with it. Set up in Standard E with an hybrid string gauge set for drop D songs as well.

Finally, my most recent acquisition, and an absolute surprise from how good it is for 110£, is my Harley Benton Tele. Now this is an absolute bargain of a guitar. I got it for 70£ and upgraded the tuners for locking Kluson tuners for another 40£. It has Roswell Pickups and I can't believe how good this sounds with a set of good strings on it. I have it set up for Open Csus (why? Because I am also a big Katatonia fan and I wanted to play their songs without having to spend an hour retuning :LOL:). This one is the obvious target for upgrades. A lot of chinese stuff on it still.

My biggest question is: where should I start focusing first in upgrades? I play a wide variety of styles and I like my instruments to be versatile. I play mainly from VSTs like the Neural DSP plugins (the Gojira one ROCKS) and most of my setup is pretty good so that's why I think it's time to focus on the babies. 😅

Let them suggestion come 🤘🤘


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Ed Seith

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    I recommend locking tuners for EVERYTHING. Saves a fortune in time and frustration. On the Chelecaster, if you like the feel of it overall, look at replacing a lot of the wiring, pots and other components with quality spec, as that’s the kind of stuff they cheap out on, assuming it stays in tune. If it doesn’t, a tusq nut and setup first.