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New and Old – G D & A – Lesson 14

J. Vader

Campfire Attention Holder
Oct 29, 2021
Ranson, WV
For some odd reason, I've always done it this way, but it feels like a better fit for me to place my index finger on the 2nd fret G string when playing an A chord. I place it right behind my middle and ring finger, and it just fits better that way for me. So if anyone is struggling with finding a comfortable chord shape finger position, try that, it may be for you.


New Student
Apr 28, 2022
When I see anyone who is capable of wrapping their thumb over 6, and ESPECIALLY 5, string(s) I know this isn't the place for me as I have a small hand, and as IamMorrison on YouTube said we can't do it (his hand is a bit smaller than mine). When your hand is 6.5in wide, and wrist to the tip of the longest finger is 6.5 inches then you aren't wrapping anything around anything.