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New here! & Afterlife Solo Cover

Tony Halliwell

Free Bird Player
Jan 12, 2023
Hey guys!

Tony here, new member from the UK, just signed up. Thought I'd come on board and partake in absorbing the awesomeness here :)

Been playing guitar for around 10 years, and of course have listened to A7x all the way through. Hail to the incredibly diverse, mindful-yet-mind-blowing player that is @Syn Gates :cool:

I'll pop my take on the Afterlife solo below - any feedback, tips etc would be really appreciated from any of you.


Really looking forward to dialling in on some lessons and getting involved in the materials on here in due course. This community is new territory for me, but I've heard awesome things and there's only good vibes as far as the eye can see!

Rock on!