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Official Community Guidelines

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Community Manager
Nov 19, 2020
Wisconsin, USA

Purpose and Mission​

We're all in this together - this wild journey called life. Many of us have found that music brings pure joy and meaning to it. The drive to explore and master guitar may have brought you to this community, but there's so much more to this place that we want you to experience. Wellness and education are key to feeling fulfilled, including when you are making music. It's a journey, not a destination, and each of our journeys are incredible and important. It's beautiful that our journeys are different. It's easy to get caught in the comparison game and feel like we're competing with others, but we rise by lifting others. That's what this community is about.

Whether you're just beginning or taking your skills to places they've never been, don't stop now.

Our Values​

Be kind, not an asshole​

We’re not fans of toxicity or trolls so don’t come here with it or we’ll gladly correct you. Other behavior we don’t stand for includes hate, bullying, threats, violence, impersonation, and doxing. However, constructive feedback is encouraged. Avoid politics. These apply to off-site discussions like social media and we will take action against you on the website if we think it’s necessary.

Spam and promotional content​

Moderate promotional content is fine if you’re an active member genuinely contributing to the community. Please disclose your relationship with a brand you link to or promote. We actively prevent and remove spam including ingenuine new members.

See some questionable content? Report it!​

Part of being a member is saying something when you see stuff that doesn't reflect our values. If you see something toxic, go ahead and report it by hitting the “report” button on the content in question.

Intellectual property​

Respect other people’s copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights by being mindful of what you post.

Obscene and illegal content​

Sexual content, nudity, and illegal activity are prohibited and will be taken down immediately. Any links going to these types of content will be taken down too.

Reaching out to Community Leaders​

If you have issues or complaints for community leaders, you need to take it up with them here, on the site, and not on their personal social media pages. You may get blocked from their personal social media if you do. Boundaries, people.

Consequences of said bullshit​

You’ll get a verbal warning by a community leader the first time you violate these guidelines. Keep it up and you’ll get a formal warning. After two formal warnings, you will be banned. This is our community so we have the ability to correct BS as we see fit. Help us keep it cool.

If you have specific questions about how to use the forums, check out FAQs here.
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