Our 1st Music Production Class!

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Nov 19, 2020
Wisconsin, USA
We're beyond stoked to announce our first ever music production class! Our very own rock star student @Radu-Cristian Perde will be taking the reigns on this one. Use the poll above to select which timeslot you'll be joining, but be quick! Each class will only have 20 available spots! And for those who may be wondering about our magnificent class leader Radu, he's got a notch or two in his belt. 😜

A few of his qualifications include:
- Studying sound and music production at Recording Arts Canada and graduating top of his class. While attending, his courses revolved around subjects such as Recording Technique, Studio Design, Music Business, Song Analysis and Structure, Intro into Video Editing, Live Sound, Mixing and Mastering, as well as Computer Aided Music.
- He's managed multiple live bands, organized live shows, and has taken care of set up and live sound mixing.
- He served as an on place technician for masterclasses with Aaron Spears (drummer for Ariana Grande) and Matt Greiner (August Burns Red).
- He has also worked as an after school music teacher so not only is he is comfortable in a teaching role, but is knows exactly how to work with students!

This is gonna be a blast and won't cost you anything! :money-face: Don't miss this killer chance to better yourself and your musical production skills. :rock-hand:
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