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Pedal Suggestions

William B.

Hot Topic Tourer
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Earth 42
    Hello, I've been wanting to get another pedal and was thinking about a Compressor, Reverb, Wah-Wah or a looping one.

    The DAW I'm working with has most if not all effects and it's possible to record myself double in layers, still I don't know how everything works.

    I think having a Wah-Wah is good cause I can't control the pedal in my DAW and only set it statically.

    The looping pedal I thought would be nice to practice playing/recording stuff real time, so it's kind of like playing with another guitarist.

    Leaning towards the Compressor even though I don't fully know how to use it yet.

    Almost forgot to add that I have a Distortion pedal already so this'll be my second one.

    When I got my Distortion pedal last year, I realized I could connect it to other instruments and I think the Compressor will work the same.

    Not sure exactly what tones I'm aiming for but generally trying to mimic the ones from all the music I like.

    Maybe you guys got some thoughts/suggestions and some insight/reasoning behind them you'd like to share?

    Thanks, have a great day!