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Guitar Power chord fixes

Luke Glendinning

Garage band Groupie
Aug 18, 2020
What’s up everyone! I’ve been playing on and off for about years. It’s something that I’ve never really taken super seriously until now; trying to refine my technique because im self taught and have lots of bad habits. Can someone give tips on cleaner power chords? I tend to do octaves with 1 and 3 which I know is awkward as hell as it is. If you could also give tips to strengthen the pinky that would be helpful! I attached a song today that I learned fairly quickly so it’s not super clean but I’d really appreciate the help as im trying to improve!

Not sure how to upload the actual full video but here is a link: TIA!


New Student
Nov 11, 2019
For chords in general i think it's very important to take a look at how you're aligning your wrist (closer or further from your body) as well as where you are placing your thumb on the neck because that will affect how much force you need to push the strings down. So try to be very aware of any tension building up in your hand and arm, and then adjust your technique in a way that relieves some tension.
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