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Practicing Too Much & My New Guitar Idol

I understand the points you guys are making and they are very valid as well.
@Kai C I definitely agree with you on the point that it takes a very supporting family or strong support system to make things happen. Even in my case that's true. I have had immense support from my family and without it, things would have been considerably harder.

@Edward John it's true that the music market is very saturated today, that's why on my original post I mentioned that any aspiring musician today needs to understand multiple income streams. And I agree with you that the disappearance of the gatekeeping has been a double edged sword, but my main point is that in today's climate an artist doesn't need to be a huge star to make a living from music as long as they understand all the different ways in which they can make money in the business, apart from the obvious ones like streaming and playing live.

I respect both of your opinions and thank you for treating mine with the same respect. Always open for discussion. :)