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Schecter Hellwin

Awex Came

Campfire Attention Holder
May 23, 2021
Your best bet is to get something similar like a Bogner Uberschall. They are also not very common on the market it is much easier to acquire.
An Uberschall would get you a Syn-ish tone for the most part as he's used one to some degree for most of his career, but an amp that is more like the Hellwin and costs less than the Uberschall would be the Marshall JVM amps, such as the JVM205H. It's been confirmed by James Brown, who designed the Hellwin, that it's mostly a mixture of a Marshall JVM (which Syn was using right before the Hellwin was made) and a Kustom Double Cross. It even looks like a combination of those 2 amps. Sonically more like the JVM but amps like the Uberschall were also taken into account.
Synner Endless Summer Collection