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Shadows' Revolver Interview - New Album Timeline, etc.


New Student
Dec 16, 2021
Im stoked. I’ll admit when I first read the article and it mentioned Kanye (ye ? ) as an inspiration I had an odd moment, but inspiration doesn’t mean regurgitation (that’s a shitty word but my brain is dead right now so it’ll work lol)
I can’t wait to hear it. Knowing the backbone of the album has been done for awhile, but they were waiting to add in some flourishes and finishing touches let’s me know it’s going to be a fucking banger!!! I have a feeling this one is going to be some next level stuff.
I’m so very curious to see how the future presents itself in the absence of a label, A7X is already looking to the future and no doubt they already have a solid plan up their sleeves and I can’t wait ! They’re “setting the stage” for the new revolution in music. ❤️
Agree 100%
As a non fan of Kayne's music in the beginning I was like sceptical and then when M Shadows said Higher has Kayne's influence (I love Higher) I was like : "oh I didn't ever notice that and the song is really good "
So now he even made me to want to give to the Kayne's music a second chance to listen it
M Shadows helped me in giving some songs of Kayne to check out more his music 😄


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  • Nov 17, 2019
    Portugal/Manchester UK
    Im really excited for this, I'm sure its going to be another amazing album!

    And I think it's great they get inspiration from other artists from different genres, as they always do. Inspiration doesn't mean is going to sound like Kanye or someone else, inspiration works in different ways imo and A7X always sound like A7X so bring it :rock-hand: :rock-hand: