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Soundslice embedding

Ids Schiere

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Nov 11, 2019
Since I'm gonna start doing the harmony analysis and tutorials again I was thinking about how I can make them better. That brought me to thinking I could transcribe the tutorials and analysis to soundslice and put those up on the riff section.

However, after I checked soundslice isn't supported as a medium that can be embedded in the riff section so I was wondering it is possible to add soundslice as a supported medium?

I know you can also put tabs in your video but my video editing skills aren't really in existence and there are only 24 hours in a day of which I like to sleep around 8 so don't really have the time to learn that stuff 😅😅

Also, I was thinking that soundslice also gives the opportunity to include backingtrack in the tutorials to use when practicing the content of the tutorial which may be nice too.

So say, when I make a tutorial for the Danger Line solo I can also make a backingtrack for the solo section and include that as well.
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