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Spotify year end stats.


One Stringer
Dec 6, 2021

This is mine :) went a little crazy with listening to 5FDP this year but A7X has always been in my top 5. I love seeing everyone else’s Wrapped!


New Student
Oct 29, 2022
Curiously, I've never used this app before, but I will change the situation. I used to listen to music in Apple Music, but I'm tired of the interface and want to try something new.
By the way, I also need to change the application because I want to upload my tracks too. Recently, I made several songs, and it would be an interesting experience to add them to a popular app like Spotify. I hope my songs go viral after some time, and if not, I'll try to ask for a promotion. I saw that I could buy streams on Spotify via https://streamingfamous.com/buy-spotify-plays/, and I'll see the results in a short time.
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