Sweep Picking I

Ian Marshall

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
Oh ok I gotcha. So the triplets, eighth notes and so forth...
What do you struggle most with? Presumably the transitions from lower frets to higher frets like in the last time through (4th)
I struggle mostly with speed in the 3rd from 85-100%. Then switching in the last part of the 4th. Thanks for your help BTW. Wish I had someone to practice with.
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Calvin Phillips

Music Theory Bragger
Nov 11, 2019
How can I download the backing track?
You can't. Syn and pg would rather not give you dowbloadavke files. Because then when wouldnyou come.back to the site? You want the back track.. simply come to the site. Otherwise it makes no sense to even supply it with the school. One other student downloaded it himself and started advertising giving it away.. id imagine it takes away the idea of using the school to learn.

With that said.. they are easy to identify and record yourself. Make them up your self.
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