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Switching Humbuckers

Ed Seith

Supreme Galactic Overlord
Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    The neck humbucker is further away from the bridge, which means it's going to have more roundness, fullness, and warmth. To understand how it works, pick up your guitar and plug it in. Pick a note on the G or B string and hear how it sounds. Now move your pick hand super-close to the bridge and pick the same note again. Notice the difference?

    That's the same thing that happens between neck and bridge humbuckers. Rhythm guitar in rock and metal is almost always going to be a bridge pickup, as will leads typically involving pinch harmonics, lower notes ( open string to 7th fret or so) and such. The neck pickup is a deliberate choice, for the tonal opportunities it provides outside of those circumstances.

    Syn uses the neck pickup a lot for leads, but as to WHEN he chooses, it's just a matter of understanding his gear and making a personal/artistic choice for how it sounds to him.