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Syn custom pickups for a single humbucker strat?


New Student
Sep 1, 2022
Hey guys, currently building a 24.75 inch strat with a warmouth neck. I plan to have a coil switch on the guitar with a single volume control.

This was a Frankenstein project with parts I managed to secure quite cheap so its going to have a bit of an identity crisis I haven't really planned it.

Anyway, I heard Syn's pickups and really enjoyed the clean tones (i'm obsessed for clean tones). So my question is do you think a single humbucker of his would work in this build? My main amp is a Roland JC22 but also play on garuage band, another speaker/amp from Roland (my portable one) and a VOX but I dont really use the Vox anymore.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions :D

Thank you guys
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