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Syn's White Picks


Jak Angelescu

The only thing that I know is that I’ve heard from a couple of sources he actually uses pretty thick picks. The dude might just be so good at it that it looks flimsy. You could always try personally messaging him on here:) he’s been kind enough to respond to me on a couple of occasions

Jake Young

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
That’s interesting man! I was a tech for Bobaflex for about 10 years and think that sparked an interest for what gear in general (hah including picks) other players use. 2.0 to .73 is a pretty big difference! How do you get such an aggressive attack? Especially when chugging away on the lower strings
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Brian Haner Sr.

Staff member
Fucking Legend
Nov 11, 2019
I used .73 picks for 30 years. Syn convinced me to switch to 2.0 mm. Took me 2 years of sucking out loud before I got completely used to playing with it. It’s like playing with a freakin’ rock. Now Syn tells me he uses a .73 because it’s soooo much better than a 2.0. WTF? Grrrrrrr.
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John Robinson

Music Theory Bragger
Nov 11, 2019
Nashville tn.
They’re white Dunlop gator grip 2.0’s but before this last tour I switched over to .73’s because I find them to be a little more articulate. Kinda crazy cuz I’ve used 2.0’s for 15 years.
I remember a video of you talking about your picks you said...and i quote"some thick bastards"my kids and i still laugh about that
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Ed Seith

Supreme Galactic Overlord
Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    I just switched to 2.0 Dunlop purples ones from .73 Dunlop gray. The first day I switched everything sounded fine, the day after not.
    Somethings seem better like when I need to pick fast, but some of the other things I thought I did well before seem off/slower riffs in particular.
    Seeing as I started with .73 being my favorite and now going to 2.0 am I downgrading myself now? Everyones talking about .73 mostly

    There is no upgrade or downgrade. It's whatever feels (shape and thickness) and sounds (material and thickness) best to you. You have to be honest with yourself on that. What other people use is a good starting point for experimenting and trying things out, but ultimately, pick choice is very personal and there is no "upgrade" path - they are what they are.
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