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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    The entirety of my exposure to Fishbone prior to today, and for no real reason, was a line in the Sacred Reich song "31 Flavors" that closes their excellent "The American Way" album. The song is about digging more than metal, and the line is "Prince, Fishbone, NWA, these are the things that I like to play." Yeah, he's no McCartney, but he got his point across.

    Fight the Youth has that "funky metal" vibe that Extreme does so well, and I hear how these guys influenced Extreme A LOT - Extreme was one of my very favorite bands in the early 90s. Still can't get enough Nuno (can anyone?).

    Syn already gave me a hint about this (so I'm kind of cheating), but I definitely see the connection between the horn arrangements and how they fit in the compositions with songs like "Sunny Disposition" off of The Stage. Honestly, some of the drumming on Pressure makes me think of similarities, too.

    Housework is killer, but I'm really digging Pressure.

    Everyday Sunshine may be my favorite track on the album, eternal optimist I usually am. Driving groove, great guitar playing under there, love that snappy stratty tone. The mix on this song really jumps out at me, something interesting in all parts of the soundstage, and it's really wide, too. Just a great FEEL to this song, everywhere. The snare really jumps out at me - I love that snare sound.

    I love Naz-tee May'un. That's just got so much Parliament in it, it's awesome.

    I don't really like Babyhead, but the bass here is awesome. Love the tone and the drone of it.

    Those Days are Gone - that clean tone is MAGIC. Sparkly, heavily compressed and not sorry about it. So 80s, I love it. Great guitar solo, I love this stuff. The song doesn't really click for me, but so many of the pieces do. It's like the Star Wars prequels - so many elements of brilliance that just didn't add up to the sum of the parts. Not sure how else to describe it.

    Sunless Saturday - #WhatSynSaid
    Love when I get handed great new bands. Never heard of these dudes before today.

    Fight The Youth: Insane groove, leading tone vox harmony into the chorus makes the song for me. Ridiculous solo.

    So many Millions: I mean what the fuck, its like this skulky verse/chorus into smooth jazzy transitions, but just as I get settled it hits me with some more dissonance. Their titanium groove just holds it together and lets them go buckwild with the harmony

    Housework: Pinkly Smooth anyone? Love it. Ska, funk, then a hard switch to minor you can't help but vibe to.

    Those Days are Gone: Hard to believe this is the same band! Great Phrygian jam but feels like it could be mixed a little heavier in the verses

    Sunless Saturday: Harmonically brilliant, heavy, awesome vocal work/harmonies. I feel like I should hate the snare sound but it really ties it together..

    Great recommendation!