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Tips for tapping

Radu-Cristian Perde

Sold-out Crowd Surfer
Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Well, on my end, won't going to lie that good hardware can help in having a well balanced sound. But not knowing for sure without seeing a video of your equipment/sound, I would also add that technique is even more important. Making sure that the right force is applied on the string to make the note resonate and to then do a precise but strong pull off to get back to your previous notes will be essential.

    In short, with your left hand make sure that your hammer ons and your pull offs are solid and with the right hand, make sure to apply the right strength. It will take a lot of patience and make sure to start slow as to make sure you're doing the technique correctly. In order to be sharp, precise and without accidentally making the other string ring while tapping, taking your time will be key.

    Also, your equipment will also help but I don't want you to stop practising because you need a certain piece of gear or whatnot. Your gear will only be a reflection of your skills. They won't magically make everything sound great effortlessly!