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Two Fancy Dudes #1

Weekend is here folks! Hope you had a great week.

My boy @Jamie London and I wanted to start a new show for Syntv. We're still figuring out the kinks but in essence, we just wanna come and talk about some of the news that interest us and just have a nice chill conversation.

Our first show will be tomorrow at 13h PST/16h EST/22h CET/. We will be talking about superhero movies, Warner Bros cancellations and much more so without further ado, we hope to see you tomorrow for the first edition of TWO FANCY DUDES!!!

Link: https://live.audent.io/syntv/channels/rad-synner/streams/fcd7f33b-976e-4382-815a-4a7f50d8f321

Synner Endless Summer Collection
Synner Endless Summer Collection


Campfire Attention Holder
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Warrenton, NC
    Ass-eating is a fine art. Don't knock it til ya tried it.

    And this stream was gold. Not an HP fan, but thoroughly enjoyed the whole replay. Well done, fancy lads.
    Johnny Christ, I leave for like 10293837474 years and Jamie and Radu are taking over the world, Matt is an asseater and Papa Ed just stole my line. 🤣 You dudes are so cool. I know this was great.