Ways to expand the school

Joe Giumarello

Stairway to Heaven Tab Studier
Nov 11, 2019
New Jersey
I think it’d be a cool idea to put ideas out on how to expand the school. Maybe have a pages for “most viewed riff of the day” or have mini-competitions between guitar players divided into tiers based on skill level, etc. I’d love to see what ideas everyone can come up with

Turias F.

New Student
Nov 11, 2019
I would love a section, where Syn plays his solos (like Afterlife) with the tabs and maybe some ideas, how he wrote that stuff, which scales he used and so on.
Apart from that: I think the forum will be a big part in this thing here, so please set some folders, so we can separate everything a little bit.
To read the favourite songs of A7X from the community is nice, but the important thing here is the guitar section.
Many great forums on the internet are set with achievement functions, maybe that could help “our” community, to live active many years 🙂
I see you work on it an i really enjoy your content so far. I cant express myself better with another words than THANK YOU.
To learn from Syn and Papa Gates is pretty awesome!

Stuart Banks

New Student
Nov 11, 2019
How about splitting the forum into sub-sections? We’re already at 80 topics, and it’s going to be a pain to trawl through page after page of random posts to find something.
Maybe have separate sections for techniques, songwriting, hardware, music theory?
Love the school, thanks so much for setting it up guys.
Some of those lessons look scary but can’t wait to get stuck in. Bring it on!
Synner Endless Summer Collection


New Student
Nov 11, 2019
I think it’d be great to list some songs that correspond with each lesson (especially because Syn is obv in A7X). For me the most fun is playing songs, practicing all those chords and scales can get a bit tedious/boring. But when you have a song, you can start jamming! For example Highway to Hell goes really well with lesson 14 as it mainly uses the chords A, D and G. Also applying all the theory and scales and stuff like that would be awesome, because a lot of people here (I think) also want to compose their own stuff. Also maybe give a first tour about the site, as some really useful stuff I only found after a couple of hours (like: seeing the fretboard, the tunings, the option to select either the video, backing track or synths). And maybe do an introduction at the very very beginning; saying welcome and talking about the sections in the curriculum and stuff like that. And maybe you could do the site tour in that video. Also It’d be nice if you can make the volume level save. I also saw some stuff about getting a good tone and amps, is that video somewhere else or do you still have to upload/make it? Also as someone else said advice about choosing and repairing your guitar would be awesome! And something like a calendar or something else where you can tick off your progress and really see how far you’ve come!
Nonetheless this site is absolutely awesome, very useful, gonna use this as a starting point on my guitar journey!
Thanks a lot Syn and Papa Gates!