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Synner Endless Summer Collection

Willard D. Veator

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    As much as I love MAB's playing, that over/under finger technique drives me crazy.
    I want to practice that some time to make my hands stronger, still getting used to tapping.
    So much to learn, I feel like got attacked by an energy vampire or something
    I watched one of his lessons/demos and I learned something small that helped me a lot
    recently, he said something about small groupings and things made sense to me all the sudden
    I really enjoyed that Stryper band, heard one of the albums this morning/afternoon
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    Firsty Lasty

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    Nov 11, 2019
    Tonight it's Children of Bodom. Three tracks from the same album. I had heard of this band but didn't have any way to buy their music at the time so I grabbed a torrent of one of their albums (this one). It completely blew me away so I went to learn more and found out the album hadn't been released yet lol. Score one for piracy, I suppose? Life is much better having a job and not being in college so I can buy things.
    Synner Endless Summer Collection
    Synner Endless Summer Collection