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What was your latest or biggest eureka moment?


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Nov 11, 2019
Hello Everyone, just another "canbefun" question, What was your latest or biggest eureka moment?

In my case these are rather frustrating than exciting, because many times the pieces were already in my head, but for some reason just didn't click... and when they do, I would just hit my head to the wall that how on earth I did not put this together earlier.

Here is mine, (it's not a moment tho') Lately I'm spending lot of time on acoustic again, learning some fingerstyle... and also started to make fingerstyle arrangements of some songs I like, and finally get it how to even start the arrangement, and progress beat by beat, bar by bar, put together the beat, bass, chords and melody... and most importantly how to execute it and play it on guitar later. Even though the process is pretty slow now, for sure it will get faster... So yep, fun times ahead, thought I'd share :D


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Apr 16, 2022
Caged system for me, I don’t know why it just never clicked and pissed me off. I always thought the c shape was always the chord C and so on for the others so I was like “how do I get a B or an F” it was difficult. I got through it though, it felt incredible and everything else worked pretty smoothly (circle of fifths, cool chords, and other stuff)
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William B.

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    I've also been going over the CAGED chords, mixing the scales/modes I went over and can remember.
    Connecting them normal and random to hear how they sound/intervals.
    General stuff's improving too.
    Also spending some focus on my fingerpicking the last 2 weeks.
    Just now isolated a thing that's maybe good to practice.
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