What would your custom Shop guitar look like?

Edward John

New Student
Nov 11, 2019
So, yeah, I guess. I have had one built by Kiesel, and I will get another that will be my very last for some time. Ideal:

Mahogany back, flamed maple top. Super-strat style body (Theos or Aries, most likely), possibly chambered as long as it doesn't bring about neck dive (research required).
Finish will be a custom light to medium purple with pink and light blue undertones that will catch in the light.

25" scale roasted maple neck with a flamed maple fretboard. Diamond-shaped abalone inlays, luminlays, stainless medium-jumbo frets. Neck-thru preferred, bolt-on if necessary (Kiesel build limitations).

Pickups undecided as yet. I don't think I'd do the Fluence again, nor the Syn set (both are outstanding and I love them, but neither is my ideal set).

Bridge undecided, but possibly a Floyd. Probably a Floyd. Gold hardware, locking tuners. Six-on-top headstock.
I hope your guitar had "riff master" written somewhere. That original song you posted a while back is awesome.