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Breaking my non-posting streak with this riff from scream I learned here tonight. I was messing with some AX8 tones and Drop D flat tuning and this happened! Life’s been busy lately with work and house renovations! Reno’s are done, but work doesn’t slow down. Regardless, I’m thinking about scheduling a stream very soon. Possibly with changing the strings on my Syn Custom in this video. Going with a heavier gauge so it should be fun
Start to a Original song Hopefully it gets you rocking It’s best listened to with headphones and a open mind 😃😃Thanks for having a listen and please let me...
So far away By Fiction - Avenged Sevenfold Tribute
Hi everyone! this is my band FICTION, we are an Avenged Sevenfold Tribute in MX, I hope you like!, opinions? :D
Polyphia - Playing God Practice
Made it through the first half of this song finally! Practice slowly paying off
#avengedsevenfold #riffs #saveme #dancingdead #welcometothefamily #batcountry #shepherdoffire #thismeanswar #unholyconfessions #3am #schecter #schecterguita...
First time playing in front of people. Wasnt the best wasnt the worst, but I enjoyed it a lot.
Literally can’t stop playing this absolutely amazing song hope you all enjoy 😃😃👍
So, a very quick vid. After seeing vids from last night's DBC party, I realised I really wanted to learn something that, should I ever be in the situation to do so, I can jam to! And yes, I'm still learning Lost and everything else, but this riff got me here in the first place, so why not? Key things I picked up on - Palm muting, picking pattern, hand positioning... and just good ol muscle memory! Enjoy!

practice video

Not really a tutorial. It's good to practice on all the strings cause they feel different and also strum different amounts, like 1, then 2, then 3 and so on. Hopefully some of it's helpful \../,
😃enjoy 😃😃nice easy one to learn 😉😃👍
Clean piano intro 😃learnt by 👂 😃😃enjoy❤️🎸🫶👍

Buried Alive Intro

@Avenged Sevenfold @Acoustic Music Collection @A7XEntertainment

Why Am I Like This

should've been doing something else
Cover of their song


Made this today and maybe tomorrow make it better some. It's like a jam track G, D, Eb, F# Soundcloud gives strange auto labels, it says deep house, electronic and one more.
I wanted to upload the rhythm playing too, but youtube claimed it.......fortunately my lead playing is so bad and not like the record that this one seems to go though their filter
Unholy Riffage

Unholy Riffage

Love you guys🤟👅❤️🥳