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Been doing a lot of A7x cover lately, this song is soo underrated.


Hey! Here's a nice acoustic song I made today, tell me what you think about it!
This cover is done by Anson Isaacs. The original version was written and recorded by Petra. Song lyrics are based on Romans 7:15
Best recent prog rock guitar solo in my opinion, so cool and beautiful at the same time.
Hi guys, this was something that I learn last week. I made this video also to practice my english. Still messed up but I hope you can understand what I am saying in the video.
Playing Helfield Solo (Master of Puppets) with my mom
It was fun playing with my mom. Although she always cheats. She always makes me do the harder parts. LOL. 😂 We only did the easiest part of the song. I still strugle to play the intro and verse downpicking riffs. Any tips that doesn't make my wrist hurts?

"Lost" Guitar Solo Cover

A very difficult one, you are indeed a god Syn!
Tried as close as possible to the original using the pedals for the octave effects.

Saysay - Cryborg

Hey! Here's a song I made, hope you'll enjoy it!
A slightly tweaked danger line solo.
The audio isn’t great, it’s recorded straight from my phone microphone picking up the sound of my amp.
Crítical Acclaim 1st Solo <^\💀/^>
Sorry for the format :( idk why in desktop version looks like a shit! but on smartphone goes well haha , greetings from Mexico to everyone!
Tried my best, this solo is sooo good.
some of my post practice fun/jam time.
Totally fanmade of A7x song style, please check this out!
I had to use a pitch shifter because my floyd rose is set up to E standard tuning so it can´t handle C drop tuning, which is the tuning of these song.
I'm super grateful for those who have taken the time to check out my band. Your comments are super encouraging to hear and push me to keep going. The Synner community is sick af, there are so many nice people on this platform. Here is the closer to our album, IMO some of my best work. Hopefully we can get some vocals on these soon and find other bandmates to help us perform these live and achieve our dreams.

Practicing tired 😴

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  • Sep 24, 2022
Just gone done with work, I’m tired as hell, it’s 11pm and I should probably go to bed but practice anyways cause why not 😴