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alt rock like The Kills

another multi track jam, liking the chorus in this one. ty people bb / good night
Pretty much repeats this through chorus and verse thanks for looking 😁👍
Intro cover One of the classics enjoy 😁😁🤘
Bit of improv but I don’t think YouTube has all the video with it been a short but enjoy either way also would highly recommend learning this riff 🤘🤘

Sweep Picking IV

Syn Etudes / Sweep Picking IV / 115 bpm Eighth notes / Triads / Sixteenth notes Until December it needs to get cleaner, cleaner and cleaner... and faster... and hopefully to get my fingers run through the whole Etude. *insert Barney Stinson quote*
Hi everyone! I would be very grateful if you could listen to my band's new guitar playthrough of the song I wrote! I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thank you for your time. Cheers! :D


Playing around with my Plasma Pedal

No Reason Sum41

I've been hooked on this song for a while now and finally got around to learning it! Completely botched the ending riff but had a lot of fun with this one! I was also testing out my new Sennheiser e609 Guitar Amp Mic and needless to say its fantastic

Pentatonic III

Syn Etudes / Pentatonic III / All Positions / 115 bpm We will see in December if there is any progress : D I left the mistakes in, just cut out some swearing : D
Jason Becker- Air CoverJason Becker - Air, learned everything by ear, wishing for Jason Becker fast recovery #jason_becker
Absolutely love this solo from Morrigan by Children of Bodom, so have been working on it for a while. This one’s at about 85% speed, but it’s been a really good alternate picking exercise. (I can normally play the beginning much better, but this was the only take where I actually got the scale run in the middle haha). The cool little sweeping part is still pretty tricky for me, and I have to pay really close attention to screw up the little loops and scale runs.
testing recording methods, any suggestions on fixing audio levels ?
Second Heartbeat is on my challenge list so I started learning it yesterday. I'm so happy with the outcome even if it's far from perfect!
This is Turkish pop star Kenan Doğulu's song called "Kandırdım". This song has amazing jazzy solo ! So enjoy :)

2022 jam 4 synnerz

hi just sharing this track, thought it sounded cool
First little thing I made up with my xmas present!
Hey Synners! I wanted to share with you a little thing I've been working in. The intro is an arrangement I made using the tremolo technique over the chord progression. Peace ✌🏻
New riff Jan 12th

New riff Jan 12th

2 guitars, one riff played an octave apart from one another. Cant wait to try Contrary Motion with this one
Rippin Riff

Rippin Riff

Flubbed a note at the end but fuck itttt its a ripper regardless
Just some blues

Just some blues

Simple blues that I think I messed up. A7 D7 E7
MIA solo

MIA solo

1hr30mins of practice and almost a busted nail, ouch.