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i recorded it through my cheaper spare headphones, haven't checked the quality yet. I came up with this Saturday and played the other riff a bit different (I forgot it) tried to add in a bit more and a few mistakes its like a bidden pic, i dont know why it went sideways like that
Hi there! Here's a cover of an awesome OST of the game "Kingdom Hearts" Hope you'll like it!
Max Gain, Broken Up Brit amp, mid (reverb, vibe), 4/4 metal drums, 180 bpm, Key - BGermination
Hey here's a little cover I made today! Enjoy!
This has been my focus for the past few months. This being my new and current band of friends I’ve been playing with, but this time im not behind the kit and instead I’m not only guitar but lead vocals as well. Very much out of my comfort zone, but it’s something I’m determined to gain some amount of skill at. I’m now able to play and sing at the same time without completely freezing up, and I’ve been contemplating on taking some vocal lessons online somewhere as well. Just wanted share some of the stuff we’ve been working on 🤟🏻
We Love You (OUTRO) - Avanged Sevenfold
Playing around the outro part with my sustainiac. Unfortunately it was low battery. LOL
Official guitar playthrough for "Escape" by K-usura.Francesco Rizzo (Rosen Paradox) uses Shecter Banshee Extreme 7 Charcoal Burst and Dunlop picks.Guitar eng...
A little noodling

A little noodling

Not a Syn solo, but does the guitar qualify? 🤠 Fade to Black-Metallica, intro solo🥰 #schecterguitars #synystergates #metallica

Syncatto guitar riff

Little Syncatto riff I’ve covered
Electric guitar practice over 75 bpm rock jam track - Key of A, power chords incl. Germination
The day that never comes. Enjoy memorial day everyone
The Day That Never Comes. For those who didn’t get to come back home. Gone but not forgotten
Blow me away

Blow me away

"Blow me away"

Let The Sparks Fly

Cover of "Let The Sparks Fly" by Thousand Foot Krutch.


forgot to add one more part how are these? the first riff started when i made the other video in the comments, i think its like 2 years ago
I recently released my debut album titled 'Lunatic Asylum,' and I'm excited to share my first original song from the album called 'Euphoria. Please tell me what you guys think of it.
I did a cover song of Pinkly Smooth's 'McFly' as a tribute to the Rev. Can you guys listen to it and let me know what you think? If there's anything I need to improve, please tell me. It's really important to me.

Sweep Picking 🧹

Song: Paul Gilbert - "Get Out of My Yard"
Für Elise - Ludwig Van Beethoven (Arr: Dan Mumm)
I like this, especially on the hybrid pickings.
I decided to re-upload a video from 2017, in order to document it.
Since hearing this mammoth riff, I've always wanted to try and recreate it on my Helix - here's where I'm at so far (much to the chigrin of my neighbours 😂) Enjoy!
House Speakers

House Speakers

Made a new Soundcloud. This dance song, I used virtual DAW instruments, drums and the 2 other sounds are synth bass. On one I used a lot of reverb and I tried something with the timing cutting off. Started with a different automated arpeggio part but I thought this one would stick more, like a motif type thing. It goes some off time
Wanted to do something more in-depth and put my editing skills to work. Skipped Reload and St. Anger because they aren't needed.