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Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage (outro cover)
Yes, I am back in black 🤟🏻⚡ Old school rock with miss @kriss_drummer 🎸🥁
Roberto Billardello (@robertoelcappero) on Instagram: "Yes, I am back in black 🤟🏻⚡ Old school rock with miss @kriss_drummer 🎸🥁 - Gear: @prsguitars ce24 semi hollow @bossinfoglobal gt1000 core
Gunslinger solo by A 12 year old just starting out about a month ago. Any feedback would be great to hear. (Permission to record and upload to Synner App and YouTube app was granted by My Parents.)
My Anguish Liberates Me
Andrew Fernandes · Album · 2023 · 7 songs.

Drum Fill Practice

This fill is from Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fallout Boy. When me and my band were playing this, I realized that I had no clue how to play this fill. After picking it apart and letting my brain digest this fill, here is my playing it at a couple different speeds.
Avenged Sevenfold - M.I.A. (outro cover)
started learning this the other day to work on some lead stuff
Hey guys, another overplayed song here. Lol. But this time, I am jamming with my friend Nadine on the drum. She's so cool. We're playing Nightmare together. Not a good quality sound, but we're having fun.
Playing along with a blacking track
Playing some blues jams on my Synyster Gates Custom S guitar
Worked a lot of time on this one 😅 what do you think?
Solo 3 Complete
Third ACPG solo covering the foundation of bends and slides
Hi everyone I'm back with another @davidbowie video! It's been too long since I've covered him, and I hope to do more soon. Now put on your red shoes and d...
Hi everyone! :) My band Soulcase just released a cover of Eric Carmen's 'Hungry Eyes', hit song featured in Dirty Dancing movie. We completely changed the arrangement to give it a darker and heavier tone. Enjoy and please let me know what you think about it! 🤘
Tony Halliwell's cover of the 'Sunny Disposition' guitar solo, written and recorded by Avenged Sevenfold. No rights reserved.
Hey guys, I'm back with my progress. Yesterday was the 31st day on learning Playing God. I have passed the harmonic minor part, but it's still messy and I think I don't like the tone. I need to tweak another tone on my NUX MG 400. No outro yet, still working on it. Lol.
No where near perfect I’m just glad I can finally play it through so it’s all progress from here but I was super excited so I had to share it with everyone 😂😂 thanks for watching 😃🤘
Very short 30s is all that’s aloud with the song 😬pretty darn good such a strange rhythm to get right 😃thanks again for watching 💚🖤🤘
Bat County solo off my insta
I dont have the best equipment to record😭😂
Absolutely loved doing this one Mainly because it’s simple yet still so tricky and yet fast as flip and I pretty much nailed it honest I’m buzzing with it 😂😂💚🤘
Just on leaning bit couldn’t wait to share the progress 🔥🤘very pleased 💚🖤🤘
My IG: https://www.instagram.com/dravenage/
Second Solo Complete ACPG
Second ACPG solo covering the foundation of hammer ons and pull offs.

Weekend Monster Smash

I made it for practice, the drums are done with the touchscreen and it's from the other day, a loop. The format is separated for possible samples and the name is a dance reference, like smashing on the dancefloor. Been having trouble naming things. 100Bpm E Standard