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After lots of training it just came out, it sounds harder than actually is, great solo
Hello, so this is a bit of a filler video. I kind of disappeared for the last week and kind of took a week off of guitar, due to personal shit going on in my life, which is something I seldom do. So this is just something to ease me back into playing and whatnot. I decided to rerecord the first actual cover I did, like with actual music in the background, since 2 months have passed and I play this song a little differently now. Again, it is a filler video, but one I had fun doing regardless :)

Megadeth - Holy wars Acoustic

I knoww your tired of hearing this from me -)

Helix Test

So recently I bit the bullet and purchased a Line 6 Helix - here's a test recording/improvisation using one of the presets I made :D Enjoy
Paradigm solo

Paradigm solo

Paradigm solo redone on instagram. Feedback is appreciated!!


Having a hard time making longer songs/tracks, I refined one of my chord progressions from an older video. It's 12 bars looped 3 times I guess if I did that 3 times it could be around 3-4 minutes which is what I'm aiming for. I'm working on another song, writing it with the Guitar Pro program, I think it could fit with this so I might try to mix them together in the future. What do you guys think? Recording and everything has been getting easier every time I do it. I use the iRig adapter and some settings make a squealy sound, I haven't figured out how to get rid of it, it may be a cable problem. \../,

Sittin on the dock of the bay

When I got home on Friday evening(or Saturday morning depends on how you see your days) I thought 'hmm, I'm gonna learn sitting on the dock of the bay' so here it is.
Been a while, $ynners! How are ya? I’m learning a new song and thought I would share. This took me about five minutes to learn so far. For the ones who followed me from the beginning, how’s my playing seem now? Can you guess it?
hice un mini cover de esta canciones, espero que les guste, hare un cover completo de esta canción en unas cuantas semanas, estaré subiendo contenido diverso...
So here is a bit of a filler video. I decided to remake my cover of Halestorm's "Do Not Disturb" I decided to remake it as I have made a few changes to how I played it and since it has been a month since I posted it, I thought I would share the kinda improved version. Thought it was nice to see the progress made even if it is small!
JOTUN covered by Jeff Marcoux. Originally played by IN FLAMES on the WHORACLE album.Please subscribe, comment... and share if you liked it.Follow me on faceb...
Hi guys!! I recently uploaded a video playing the instrumental section of The frayed ends of sanity, i made some mistakes but this song is really progressive and hard, maybe its the hardest song of Metallica. Check it out and if you like tell me your opinion about the cover and the original song

Grips Of The Hallow

I think this is the song I'm most proud of writing. We just released it today. Check it out let me know what you think. Also feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Harmonic and hammerons need work, but it sounds better. Any tips greatly appreciated.

douce ambiance improv

I think this is by far the hardest gypsy jazz song to solo over so would really appreciate some feedback
New religion solo by bvb

New religion solo by bvb

This is a solo iv'e been wanting to get down for a long time it's not perfect by any means but i'm happy with it for the most part anyway.
So this is just a very simple cover I recorded just to get back into the swing of recording covers. This was a very simple song to learn, but very fun to learn, so this was a blast to play along to, so yeah needless to say I had fun just recording this and just playing it haha.
There's a few pieces I'm working on right now. This is an old one I've been touching up between breaks from bigger projects/solos. (Basically a Side-Quest) I probably won't revisit it again for a while but overall I'm happy it's improved a bit. There's a bend that needs to be more spot on and a following bend that needs a longer hold. Couple fraks/note farts I can clean up too. Otherwise I'm happy it's coming along and will visit again from time to time whenever my brain is fried from learning new stuff.