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Kemper Profiler "Almost Easy" Tone

Awex Came

Campfire Attention Holder
May 23, 2021
For those with Kemper Profilers (all 3 of us):

Yesterday, Kemper released their 4th Legends Tribute Collection pack (for FREE) that recreates tones from tons of legendary songs and artists. In this fourth installment, they recreated the tone from "Almost Easy". All the tones were created by tone chaser Thomas Dill who used factory profiles created by Bert Meulendijk, Michael Britt, Lars Lüttge, and The Amp Factory to make these tones.

The tone is named "TD - Syn Gat - 2023-03-13 10-49-36.krig" in the pack.

Download the pack here.

syn gat2.jpg