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Schecter Syn Gates Custom clean tone


New Student
Apr 16, 2020

Im thinking about buying one (with Syn humbucker and sustainiac) So I could replace my HSS Yamaha pacifica 212 vfm. The only problem for me is that Im afraid about clean tones. I could not Find any good video testing clean tones. Thing is I like to play some clean tones and funk. Less crunchy tones are also my thing fro Time to Time. Of course hardo rock and metal is main genre and if not metal I would orobsvly buy tele or strat but I cant get two guitars now. I know that even with humbucker split I will not get tele/strat sound and thats ok. I Just wanted to See how dark are the cleanes. Suprise, almost everyone plays metal with this guitar :p.
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Laur Trandafir

Stairway to Heaven Tab Studier
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Depends on the clean tone you want. Also, if you add too much gain on the clean, the bridge pickup is going to sound a little weird because it’s very high gain. But overall if you have the right setups, you can get very nice cleans, in my experience at least. Though I mostly use the neck pickup for cleans. Bonus tip: add a little bit of chorus to make it sound even better
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