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A few of the big things holding me back

Dan Shipway

Slim Shady
  • Nov 11, 2019
    So I have been Improvising more lately, with and without a backing and I have come up with a few ideas which sound quite nice. Everything seems to be going quite well and its nice to finally feel like im moving again in my playing instead of being stagnant.

    My 2 main areas that I have been focusing on are theory (fretboard layout and CAGED system at the moment and later on, triad inversions and types of minor scales) as well as also phrasing and technique too. The big thing I am noticing which I wondered if anyone also experienced is difficulty with switching note values or just trying to play at a steady moderately fast pace without a metronome.

    I have been practicing with a metronome the whole time I have been trying to build speed and luckily found metronomes that do 16th note and triplet subdivisions to practice running scales with economy picked triplets. However when I turn the metronome off and practice, or if I try to do little arpeggio runs in an improv over a backing, I cant seem to play the notes evenly or with the correct note values. Just curious if there are any exercises out there that may be beneficial for this.
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    William B.

    Hot Topic Tourer
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Tapping your foot when practicing could help, maybe it helps internalize a tempo
    Been practicing note values on guitar setting the metronome so I can play 4 down strokes per click max when trying hard and practice changing speeds. Mixing up pick hand stuff, rhythm/patterns as well to see how things could fit. I haven't tried setting it for 6 notes per click yet.
    With this practice I use chords or dead notes

    maybe it's not what you meant
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