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A7X Song lessons

Lewis Gillies

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
Hi guys so I've been toying with the idea of starting lesson/tutorial videos on how to play some Avenged songs. With learning a lot of songs completely by ear over the years, I've developed my song transcribing to a point where I pride myself on being able to do it very accurately. Especially with Avenged just cause I've obsessed over the guitar parts since I was like 13. Is this something you guys would like to see? Would you guys prefer to have tabs in the video? I've never created tabs just because I haven't used them to learn songs in years but if it's something you guys feel is necessary I'll be sure to look in to it. Would you guys prefer to see just solo lessons or full songs? Let me know all suggestions welcome.


I would prefer to see the whole song tutorial because everyone and their dog does solo tutorials, albeit usually wrong. I personally don't care if there's tabs or not. This is AWESOME though, btw! I think it's super exciting to bring this kind of content to the school.
In the school's first inception, this was a hot thing everyone did. We need to bring it back!

My only suggestion is to reach out to @Radu-Cristian Perde and ask if you can get it featured on "Synner Presents". Maybe you can get social media support and teach it live. That way people can ask questions.

I use to do that all the time on my IG and everyone loved it! Even Syn!