Jaylen Owens

New Student
Nov 11, 2019
i think there is a problem with my profile i cant add people or message them this began happening a couple weeks ago i thought it was just a bug so i signed out and signed back in but its not working. should i make a new profile or what should i do.?

Arda Uslu

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
Same here man.I can’t upload my riffs,follow people.Can’t verify my account.When i try to connect my google account i only get a blank page.I can only hope they fix this bug soon.Admynysters do not give any response.I saw that some people wrote about this bug much earlier but it’s been months.

Jak Angelescu

I am really sorry that so many people are having issues with this bug problem. It definitely is a problem that has been brought to the Admynysters’ attention several times. I can’t disclose a lot because I’m not an admin, but there are a lot of things that are going in to trying to fix this issue and time is of the essence. A lot of those who work behind the scenes here have other jobs and although it’s not forgotten about, it’s a WAY bigger difficult glitch to solve at the moment. When the hacking happened, it caused a big security flag on the site. Hopefully the following helps you feel better…
1. Following people doesn’t do anything. You just simply follow them. You don’t get any updates about when they post, upload a riff or anything like that. So following people and having them follow you isn’t really a big deal.
2. You can still upload your riffs here in the forums section. Comments are currently disabled on the riff page because of the hack (another bug they’re still working on) but all you have to do is copy and paste the link and post it in a forum like what you all did here 🙂
3. Because Syn and PG are the big main dogs on this site, everything probably has to be approved by them before changes are made. With PG going on tour soon and Syn being as busy as he is, I’m sure it’s a little difficult to monitor and fix everything at the moment. I know this doesn’t make anyone feel better but unfortunately it’s just the way it is right now.
Hopefully this provided some sort of peace of mind 🙂