Chris D, Hoping to be advance in 2 years, will see.... any advice for a noobs who started a few weeks.


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Nov 2, 2022
Hi, I'm Chris, I'm 28 and started playing the guitar the past few weeks (Acoustic and Electric). Recently finished grad school in cybersecurity and made a realization that college took a lot of years of my life. I also play a popular sport in NYC call handball, but my body is slowly catching up and trying to find something new I can get good at and enjoy myself. I like music and I choose the guitar as a new hobby where I can play solos by myself. Not only that, but I was really inspired by the guitar from seeing people on YouTube playing my favorite anime songs and games. Then as a journey to other songs, I started found song genre base on my parent's Haitian culture, Kompa. So many intresting solos that I created a playlist called, "Songs I NEED TO PLAY", lol. Currently, I have a private teacher every week and using self-taught material like Justin guitar, guitarsage, NYCguitarschool to practice every day, and I'm loving it. Got any cool recommendation can experts provide me that beginner should be working on the level up faster, lol., I'm all ears. Do you think it's doable, or have you seen people you know started becoming the best in a short amount and how long, just need some positive motivation? I've heard from sources that you can get into advance in 6 months, 2 years, 1 years, very subjective, your thoughts.? Thanks for the cringe introduction, lol.

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Hey Chris! Welcome! First, sorry the lessons aren't up! We are actively working to have them back up ASAP! Second, I am sure that with enough patience you can get to any level that you want! It will require a lot of work but it's well worth it in my opinion! Anyways, all said and done, welcome to Synner and if you need help or anything at all, feel free to ask in the forums!

    Brian G

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    Oct 11, 2022
    Hi and welcome! My advice to anyone new to guitar is, don't stair at the fret board in confusion and frustration, it can seem overwhelming but it really isn't. Find joy in learning new things and songs that you like to play. Don't make the learning process a second job, instead look at it as a reward for all the new things you can play!