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Papa Gates' Schecter Hellwin Amp AMA


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Nov 11, 2019
I did not ask them specifically about my S/N. I was looking more for something like "produced from May 2013 through December 2014, total of x number of units produced" or whatever. I have a theory as to what the actual numbers within the S/N mean, at least for the USA models. I think the first two digits might be year produced, next two might be month, and then the next four would be unit number off the line. Not 100% sure on that - that's just my thought based on how Schecter has numbered other models. I'm really more interested in knowing total quantity of units produced. I don't know why that would be a closely guarded secret - it is what it is. But Schecter apparently didn't want to answer it.
I honestly don't think they know, especially the techs. I know they are/were a little flustered over there with Covid. When I asked them about a digital manual to the Schecter Hellraiser head, they literally didn't even have one. To their own amp. So I had to scan my physical copy and I sent it to them. As I'm sure you noticed, the entire release of these amps weren't well thought out and are disorganized lol
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Dec 3, 2020
Wondering if anyone has production quantities/serial number info for the Hellwin? Being a huge fan of Syn and the amp, and knowing they are pretty rare, I have been searching for any information on numbers produced and such, but haven't been able to find anything. I had even asked Schecter directly a while back, but all I got back from them was "Unfortunately, that series has been forever discontinued."

Do any of you guys have any of that type of information? Or maybe know someone with an in at Schecter? Or have any other ideas on how to find that kind of info?
I've been looking for this information too! purchased one new back in ~2015. I was a bit out of the loop for several years and came back to Hellwin being discontinued and not available anywhere..

I feel lucky to have such a rare jewel of a amp now. Heck I even have the original packaging!

Thanks @Alex Cain for digital manual! I have no clue where mine went.


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Jul 6, 2022
That is some great information. I had also heard it was a mix, but I heard Marshall/5150/Bogner. But I have a Marshall JVM and a Hellwin, and I don't think they sound similar, other than both being high gain. But this new information directly from James Brown clears things up. Very interesting!

VERY long story short, I had an issue with my Hellwin, and had taken it to my local amp builder/technician, and he eventually found the Schecter "Hellwin technician guy" that was supposed to service them, and I am now in possession of the schematics for the Hellwin (which have the Kustom brand on the drawing title blocks, by the way - that didn't make sense to me at first, but it does now!). I don't have any experience building amps, but it had crossed my mind to try to learn something and then attempt to build a lower wattage combo version. If anyone has a Hellwin, and would like the schematics just in case you need work done on it or something, you can message me and I can try to send them to you.
Hello Eric,

I am in need of schematic for Hellwin Stage100. The footswitch is going wonky.
Please see post Hellwin stage 100 midi 5 buttons footswitch problem.
Thank you very much.

FollowUp>>> Please see post Hellwin stage 100 midi 5 buttons footswitch problem.
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