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hail to the king solo


Music Theory Bragger
Jul 12, 2021
Hey schooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I was wondering if u guys have any tips on how to practice the 1st sweeping part of h.t.t.k?
also im wondering how and why just why syn is so fucking good at guitar and why such a beauty like the H.T.T.K solo is so hard to play:p:p:p.(to me at least)
It sucks cause im studying for A/L and can't practice as much :((((
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Chris Johnston

Music Theory Bragger
  • Nov 11, 2019
    North Ayrshire, Scotland

    So my advice for that part (and the whole solo) is to practice it either with a Metronome or a Drum track at a very slow tempo - much slower than you would consider slow (if that makes sense)

    Keep it at this speed until you can play it without any additional string noise/sloppiness - you'll be able to perfect it more accurately at this slow speed because it'll be easier to keep track of all of your hands micro-movements. You want to feel in control of the solo at this speed before going any faster.

    Once you feel in control at a slow tempo, then you can experiment with upping the speed and you'll find that your hands will obey you more consistently 😊

    Ps. Another thing that helps me with sweeps is really pushing on each note at the slow tempo, as this sort of over prepares the strength needed in each area of your fingers for the sweep and means that when you start to go faster, your hands wont go 'light' on you and not press the frets down enough.

    Hope this helps!
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