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Question about Music Stores in Easter Europe

Lavrov Mihai

Stairway to Heaven Tab Studier
Nov 11, 2019
Hi guys . I am from Moldova , a small country next to Romania. I know every music store in my country and what they sell because they are not many but i want to ask you some big music stores , i mean more like guitar stores in Romania or near Moldova that sell Schecter Synyster Gates custom S SGB or if you dont have a clue about that can you give me an advice where to find and buy this guitar. BTW i tried on thoman but it shows some kind of error and i cant check out. Thanks

Ids Schiere

Sold-out Crowd Surfer
Nov 11, 2019
These two are pretty good
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Andrei Moraru

Campfire Attention Holder
  • Nov 11, 2019
    As someone who lives in Romania, I can safely tell you there are no Syn Schecters around here...at least not that I know of. It's true that I haven't visited a music store in quite a while "thanks" to the quarantine, but I'm fairly certain I haven't seen one. Your best bet is one of the solutions that Ids and Ethan have posted.
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