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Nov 11, 2019
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Starting a new trend on this website to compete with any A7X album.

I’ll be the lead guitarist. You guys do everything else except put it all together.

The album I’m going to pick first off would be the Waking The Fallen title because it’s the hardest songs, but has its own simple style

Intention is to be purely competitive with the band’s albums so if you have any art relating to the album you would like to see go into a song, send it this way.

After a playlist has been made comparative to the album’s taste I would recreate the record and arrange it accordingly to the competitive order of the selected title.

The album backdrop is the Death Bat in a black cover - and each song has a meaning and concept so don’t attempt to rewrite the songs themselves.

Some examples of this project: I Won’t See You Tonight part 1 and 2 is about suicide. Take suicide graphics, poems, and some WTF ideas and instead of ripping of the song or record use the songs themselves to signify a hierarchy of competitive guitar playing skills and art creation to logically say it has any response to the songs or album.

This way to make sure it’s just a competition and revenue generator for a guitar learning website, you would have a sub category of songs to be named something else.


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Dominik Gräber

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    So, what you're saying is you want people to send you graphics, Texts and whatever that is inspired by the Waking the Fallen Album? And you want to turn it into a Song and add a lead guitar?

    Because I really don't know where you are going with this😅

    Also we should probably leave suicide graphics out of this