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Jak Angelescu

I’m SO glad I get to pin these topics now if I want to, because then no student gets left behind if it gets lost. So here’s the new thing!
First of all, I am SO fucking proud of ALL of you. On Instagram, YouTube and here I’m seeing the students grow so incredibly well. And also, you’re ALL starting to ask questions and learn from each other more. I’m not seeing people being so shy anymore and that makes me so happy. So a shot of scotch for all of ya!
BUT!!! We still have people needing help. And usually, these questions that students ask, other students may have the same question but maybe they are too afraid to ask for help. So this is what I want to do. And it includes EVERYONE! (Beginners, you TOO)
Project: Synsyter Gates Students Q & A video
What It Is: I need EVERYONE’s help on this. I’m only one person with so many followers, and you will have followers that don’t follow me. So when I give the green light that all systems are go, I want EVERYONE to post a VIDEO of you talking about this project to your main social media pages. Say something like this…
“What’s up guys this is (insert your badass name here) from the Synyster Gates School and we’ve got a badass project we’re all working on. If you need help with guitar, be it writing songs, picking up the guitar for the first time, buying a new guitar, choosing gear, recording, music theory, guitar setup, learning a song or ANYTHING you may be struggling with, feel free to ask the questions here and you’ll get MULTIPLE students answering in a video that’s coming soon! We’re all advancing so fast and we’ve got tons of information we’ve learned we’d love to share with you. Even if you don’t play but you have questions about what it’s like, or specs about some of the Syn signature guitars, we have a student in the school that will know the answer. So drop your questions in the comments and let me know!”
It doesn’t have to be that exact script but make sure you mention the video, the broadness of what can be covered, and that students are learning fast and improving and want to share their information.
Deadline 1: I want this to be big so I’m giving this a larger deadline. October 1st is the deadline to have the questions submitted on your page. Email me the questions ALONG WITH THE PERSON’S NAME OR HANDLE SO I CAN USE IT IN THE VIDEO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SYNYSTER READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
email for submissions: [email protected]
I WILL NOT TAKE QUESTIONS THAT ARE NOT SUBMITTED TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS!!! I WILL NOT TAKE QUESTIONS THAT ARE NOT SUBMITTED TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS!!!! Every time I do a project, students send me things through facebook, instagram, email, message it here, text me the youtube link, and post it here and it gets so hard to keep up with it all. There are no limits to how many questions you can submit to me or how many questions one person can ask you.
Deadline 2: November 1st. Once I gather all the questions and organize them, I will post them here on another pinned topic so everyone can see them. Also, if you did NOT garner any questions from your followers or friends (they can even be people in real life), you will still be eligible to submit your answer video. I want EVERY STUDENT to be a part of this as much as they can.
Your Answer Response Video: No more than 10-20 seconds per response. Please speak clearly with your face clearly in the camera. Be confident in your answer. Don’t have excess noise in the background if it can be prevented (like a loud tv or a loud fan). If you have a Synyster Gates shirt or A7X shirt, it’d be great to wear it in the video. Because people are going to want to hear you, please sit somewhat close to the camera so we can see your gorgeous faces. Don’t worry about being too loud because I’m summoning help help for audio on this. I want this video to be a
good video.
ALSO!!! If there is something off with your video (like you go on for far too long on your response and it’s difficult to edit or your sound came through weirdly) I’ll reach out to you and let you know so you can fix it.
I know this is a lot to read. So thank you all for making it to the end! I hope we get as many people as we can. So please talk about this frequently!
Momma Cat loves you all!

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Calvin Phillips

Music Theory Bragger
Nov 11, 2019
Reread this now. Readit wrong the first time. So I’ll definitely do what I can to get as many questions as possible.
To recap what I got out of this.. we post a video asking for questions. People send us the questions and we relay them to jak via e mail ONLY!! Then once we got the questions how do we answer exactly? Are you picking people or is it more volunteer based? Or are we answering our own questions submitted? Guess ideally it could go either of the 3 ways right?
I think itd be neat to do both. I thi k what I’ll do is get questions.. send the BEST to jak. Then maybe do a mini one myself for questions more.. personal based. Or ones I feel wouldnt be answered in the group. I encourage everyone else to do the same. Ideally.. the questions I dont send would be answered live on YouTube or something.
My video personally is gonna be kind of lame due to just a phone camera but well make it work.
Lemme know if I got anything wrong here.

Jak Angelescu

No you Got it right Calvin! I want all Questions sent to me. Every single 1. Then after the deadline, I will make a new forum topic with all the questions that were submitted. You are more than welcome to make your video for any amount of Questions that you feel you can confidently answer. But I want you to state the question that you are answering and who asked it. I will write who asked the question in the Forum topic. It’ll be a lot easier to understand once we get this going. But tomorrow, I will be giving the green light for everybody to make their 1st videos. And don’t worry about high quality videos my friend.
Synner Endless Summer Collection

Jak Angelescu

GREEN LIGHT! Everybody go post your videos today! Please use the following hashtags:
These are to garner more attention to the school and to us.

Sayonil Mitra

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
This is a great idea. I don’t know if i will be able to do the first video because there are too many things going on here right now. I have to go in and out of town so frequently. But I can do the 2nd phase, the answer videos if that’s fine.
Synner Endless Summer Collection